2 Quick Steps to Generating More Leads and Sales from Your Contents

highlighter“Action expresses priorities”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Imagine this. You’ve been developing contents day in and day out. Your website traffic is at your all time high. Yet, leads and sales are hard to come by. Surely this is just a statistical mistake?

Most content marketers have forgotten that the pivotal role in content marketing is to publish contents that can generate more revenue and leads in the quickest way possible. The key to this is to prioritize your contents. But, in a sea of contents, how do you prioritize?

Your Audience
First and foremost, you’ve got to identify your audience. Do you know your audience? Are they serious buyers or just shopping for information? Do you have useful data such as demographics or buyer profiles that could guide you in your content creation? Identify and make your serious buyers your core audience. Then prioritize your core audience by :

  • focusing your content strategy to reaching and convincing these core audience to give you the lead or sale that you want
  • creating customized contents or case studies that are relevant and supportive of a positive decision whilst shortening the sales cycle
  • adopting a more “aggressive” and “persuasive” tone in your content with an explicit “call-for-action”, where your objective is to get the customer to pick up his phone and call you with an order
  • engaging your customers effectively through videos, texts, audios – remember, the more interactive your contents are, the better the experience your customers have with you.

Your contents
A lot of contents may be produced but not all are relevant to your audience. Getting the right contents published at the right time, which gives you a direct result is key to your success. Here’s a great tip Sales Lion used as shared by Marcus Sheridan in “How to Powerfully Prioritize You Content Marketing Calendar for 2015 and Beyond” . It’s a call to start rating your contents!  It’s inspiring the way they create “Buyer’s Content” and rate the contents according to relevance and to which that will yield the quickest results.

What other ways do you use to increase leads and sales through your contents?


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A liberated corporate-slave. A passionate writer. An ardent believer that “Sales is the way of life”. Now, writing contents for clients who believe that selling and words are a potent mix to a business' success.

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