How to write about yourself

Pic courtesy rgbstock
Pic courtesy rgbstock

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So, I go back to being me.”
― Ain Eineziz

What if I told you that you need to write about yourself, now? Panic? Anxious? Alarmed?  You are not alone.

Many of us are able to relate to others fairly easily through verbal conversations. But, to write about ourselves? That’s a whole different game altogether! Here are 3 quick tips to ace the game.

Know your audience
Do you know who are you writing for? Are you writing for a prospective employer? Or is it something for a friend? Get to know your audience and tone your message accordingly.  Be formal and professional in your resume to a prospective employer. Be cordial and warm in social settings. Different audience requires different approach to get the message across.

Mind Your Content
Content is gold, so make sure what you write carries it’s weight in gold.

  • Rule of the thumb: anything that you write (that surely goes around) will come around eventually. So, be careful and mindful about what you share, especially if you are writing for an on-line audience. Save the “secrets” for a different time.  You’ve to give a thought to whether your contents will harm or hurt the people you know.
  • Make an impression in the first 30 seconds. Be succinct, focused and compose your writing well in generally 3-5 pointers. Balance your enthusiasm to impress with a sound check. Preferably, get some one to read through what you wrote first, before you send it out.
  • Use words that will work for you rather than against you. Words that’ll build you up positively and putting your best foot forward. Don’t want to sound like you are blowing your own trumpet? Fret not. Here are some helpful 180 words to describe yourself positively and effectively.
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Be authentic
Do not copy and paste anything. It’s fatal to be found copying your work on something as personal as writing about yourself! Let your originality guide your writing. Be honest about accomplishments, failures and struggles. It only shows that you are human. Be factual and do not fabricate tales. Be cautious when writing accomplishments or incidents shared with others as they may remember it better than ourselves.

There are many ways we can benefit from writing about ourselves, especially about our thoughts and feelings. Therapist use this to help us in managing our emotions and validate our sense of being. Others write to coach themselves to writing success.  You can try it, too. Write a short 100 words about yourself now. Remember, be yourself and have fun!


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