Perks of Being a Solopreneur

A friend I met recently at a reunion, asked how I was. After quitting my full time job five years ago, I would say, I’m doing pretty good albeit learning A LOT.  To me, life’s hardest lessons are learnt when you are out there starting and trying to make it on your own. A humbling and satisfying experience, all the same.

Anyway, here’s my lighthearted take on the perks of being a solopreneur 🙂

I’d love to hear from my fellow remarkable, tenacious, extraordinary, phenomenal and indomitable-spirited solopreneurs, too!

Perks solopnr


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A liberated corporate-slave. A passionate writer. An ardent believer that “Sales is the way of life”. Now, writing contents for clients who believe that selling and words are a potent mix to a business' success.

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