On to the next adventure!


Finally, I am back.

Away, for almost six months since April of this year, my brief writing stint for a client, a leading learning institution, has come to an end.

The experience has made me a better writer; exposing me to many different writing demands to suit evolving needs.  Writing to promote signature events, branding initiatives, magazine articles submissions and correspondences to government officials, including drafting minister’s speeches, were needless to say daunting but exciting, indeed.

As a writer, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing the client looked good with the content I put together.  I mean, who wouldn’t beam with pride when those who delivered the speech you painstakingly wrote, sounded perceptive and intelligent? Or when the marketing collateral made perfect sense? Or when the correspondences impress, impact and elicit the desired response with its intended message? It justifies the amount of effort that’s been put into researching the topic, writing with clarity and with substance.

Of course, along the way I had to deal with very tight deadlines and nearly-impossible expectations. But, then again, what better way to hone organisational and time management skills to deliver and rise above expectations, right? Plus, I learnt a priceless lesson on the difference between writing creatively and writing professionally in one’s specific brand language and tone.

So, here’s to bringing on the next adventure!


Published by evelively

A liberated corporate-slave. A passionate writer. An ardent believer that “Sales is the way of life”. Now, writing contents for clients who believe that selling and words are a potent mix to a business' success.

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