Ephemeral Contents, Anyone?

Gone were those days when we write for passive readership. With the revolutionary social media wave, suddenly anyone can create and distribute contents from anywhere. For instance, Facebook shares more than 3.5 billion contents while YouTube videos can easily get more than 100 million views. Then enter Snapchat, Wickr and the likes where contents last only for a veryContinue reading “Ephemeral Contents, Anyone?”

Fun Fridays: “Onomatopoeic”

“Onomatopoeic”? It’s a real word! From the root word, “onomatopoeia”, Oxford defines it as “the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named e.g cuckoo, sizzle” . Familiar? That’s because we’ve been using some of them even before we know they’re called onomatopoeic words! Check out 10 Common Words You had No Idea WereContinue reading “Fun Fridays: “Onomatopoeic””