Happy birthday, Harper Lee!

On April 28th, 1926, the talented Nelle Harper Lee was born. An American novelist and winner of Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1960 for her notable work on “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Harper Lee remains a publicity recluse despite the awards and recognition gained internationally for her Mockingbird book . Her “To Kill a Mockingbird” wasContinue reading “Happy birthday, Harper Lee!”

Fun Fridays : “Why is the raven like the writing desk?”

Have you heard of the riddle, “Why is the raven like the writing desk?”  You would probably have, if you’ve watched Alice in Wonderland. Asked by the famous Mad Hatter, the riddle was never truly answered. Here might be the closest explanations we ever have about this riddle. And, what Lewis Carroll had to sayContinue reading “Fun Fridays : “Why is the raven like the writing desk?””