Fun Fridays: Different context, different meanings

You know how there are two sides to a coin? Well, this article by Arianna Rebeloni took a lighthearted take on how some words have different meanings to different people in different context, in her case as a server. Read on “25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Are A Server”. I’m inspiredContinue reading “Fun Fridays: Different context, different meanings”

Fun Fridays: “Wight”

Two meanings found in the Oxford Dictionary. 1) A person of a specified kind i.e “he always was an unlucky wight” 2) A shipping forecast area covering the English Channel roughly between the Strait of Dover and the meridian of Poole. Elsewhere, it was used to describe a person who is “strong and brave inContinue reading “Fun Fridays: “Wight””