Hello there!

Hi.  I’m Evelyn.

After a decade of being a sales professional in the telecommunications industry, I decided to follow my passion.  What started as a side gig (contributing humble write-ups to a training outfit), has turned significant, as I found myself writing earnestly to build my portfolio. 

Overtime, I allowed myself to morph into a writer of sorts.  It wasn’t a bed of roses, at first.  But armed with a passion for writing and a perpetually curious mind, I persisted.  Today, I earn my keep writing brand publications, scripts, articles and speeches.  

What others see as a writing drudgery,  I see opportunities to satisfy an unquenchable  thirst of perfecting the art of storytelling.   “How can I write and make this better?” , “How can I inspire with both clarity and creativity?”  

Given the chance, I would very much love to write for you.   
In the meantime, do enjoy reading my blog.  It’s just me thinking aloud about life, developing whimsical ideas about writing and dreaming about my past and how to connect them to my future.