Understanding Academic Writing

Aiding the Writing-Stalled Professor by Joli Jensen is a good read. You'll discover that academic writing or not, we writers have the same struggles.  Get some great tips to write better here.    


How to write about yourself

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So, I go back to being me.” ― Ain Eineziz What if I told you that you need to write about yourself, now? Panic? Anxious? Alarmed?  You are not alone. Many of us are able to relate to others fairly easily through verbal conversations. But, to write about … Continue reading How to write about yourself

3 Ways To Transform Your B2B Contents For 2015

Taking the cue from "The 4 B2B Marketing Trends: Sales Boosting Tips for 2015 " by Anna Johansson, I'll like to add on a couple of thoughts. The interesting article highlighted the need to understand the business buyer profile accurately.  And, rightly so. A research by Intershop on August 2014 on 1,500 corporate buyers found that … Continue reading 3 Ways To Transform Your B2B Contents For 2015